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Every year, the College of Liberal Arts Student Council (CLASC) hosts the College of Liberal Arts Spring Fair, which is a chance for the student organizations within the college to display what they've done throughout the year all while having fun and promoting student life on campus. This year, the 2014 Spring Fair is bigger and better than ever. The 2014 Spring Fair's theme is Mardi Gras, so party down to the Speaker's Lawn and join the festivities:

*LIBERAL ARTS ORGANIZATION FAIR: Join the many Liberal Arts student organizations as they come out and celebrate the year Mardi Gras style by having various games, arts & crafts, and info booths available for all to see and experience.

*GAMES GALORE: Unwind from midterms by playing our free and fun CLASC mardi gras games! Come by to see what we got concocted so that you can play and maybe even win prizes!

*PRIZES AND GIVEAWAYS: Who doesn't love prizes and give aways? Everyone will walk away with something, whether they're prizes, a ton of beads, or a secret surprise or two. This is a day where anything can happen!

*ENTERTAINMENT: Take advantage of the FREE fortune teller and have your future revealed. After, check out our Mardi Gras photo booth! (but don't get too crazy in it!)

GOALS: The College of Liberal Arts Spring Fair is an opportunity for the Student Council, the College, and the respective student organizations to showcase to the students, staff, faculty, friends, and community of CSULB the achievements, accomplishments, and creativity that is fostered in the College of Liberal Arts. The goals of the fair are to:

A.   Showcase the diversity and talent of the many organizations within the College of Liberal Arts through interactive booths and activities.

B.    Reach out into the Long Beach community and represent the College of Liberal Arts as student leaders.

C.   Promote student involvement within the College of Liberal Arts and the CLASC.

D.   Educate students and the community about the programs and organizations within the college.

E.    Provide a fun, relaxed, and entertaining atmosphere for students, faculty, and staff.

The 2014 CLASC Spring Fair is funded in part by Associated Students Inc. at California State University, Long Beach.

For more information, please contact the CLASC Event Coordinator at